xDENT201 Dental Resin for XiP – 1Kg



xDENT201 Dental Resin, available in a substantial 5kg quantity, is a high-resolution material meticulously engineered for ultrafast production of orthodontic models. This matte grey resin offers exceptional accuracy and dimensional stability, making it the material of choice for 3D printing high volumes of orthodontic models, especially for aligner manufacturing and various orthodontic modelling needs.

Key Features xDENT201 Dental Resin:

  • Ultrafast Printing: With rapid printing capabilities, xDENT201-Gray Resin can complete the full build of flat models in as little as 20 minutes, ensuring efficient production.
  • Excellent Feature Visibility: The matte grey colour of this resin provides outstanding visibility to fine feature details, making it perfect for applications where precision is crucial.
  • Dimensional Stability: xDENT201-Gray Resin exhibits good dimensional stability, ensuring that your 3D prints maintain their intended shape and size.


  • Orthodontic Models: Ideal for producing orthodontic models with the utmost precision, making it a valuable material for aligner manufacturing and orthodontic modelling.
  • Game Pieces and Scale Models: Versatile enough for use in creating game pieces, scale models, and various other applications that require detail and accuracy.


  • Tensile Modulus: 2366 MPa
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 54.9 MPa
  • Tensile Elongation at Break: 4%
  • Hardness (Shore D): 80

xDENT201 Dental Resin 5kg is your gateway to achieving rapid and highly accurate 3D prints, especially for orthodontic models. Experience efficiency and precision like never before in your orthodontic modelling and aligner manufacturing projects.

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