Nexa3D NXE KeyModel Ultra Resin – Ivory 5kg


Introducing KeyModel Ultra Resin: Precision Dental 3D Printing in Ivory

Unlock a new era in dental and orthodontic modeling with KeyModel Ultra Resin, exclusively designed for Nexa3D NXE series printers. This advanced resin redefines precision and ease in creating dental and orthodontic models.

Key Features:

1. High Accuracy and Detail: Achieve exceptional accuracy and detail, ensuring that every dental and orthodontic model meets the highest standards of precision.

2. Thermoforming Ease: Enjoy the effortless thermoforming release, streamlining the process of creating dental appliances.

3. Carvable without Chipping: KeyModel Ultra Resin can be expertly carved without chipping, offering flexibility in crafting custom dental solutions.


  • Dental Thermoforming Applications (100 Micron Layer Height): Utilize this resin to create dental thermoforming applications with a layer height of 100 microns, delivering precise and comfortable dental appliances.
  • Dental Removal Die and Model Applications (50 Micron Layer Height): Achieve incredible detail and accuracy in dental removal die and model applications with a layer height of 50 microns, ensuring the perfect fit for every patient.

KeyModel Ultra Resin sets new standards in the world of dental and orthodontic 3D printing. Experience the future of precision dentistry and orthodontics, and redefine what’s possible in delivering superior dental care.