xCE Resin – White 5kg


Introducing xCE Resin in White: Rapid 3D Printing for Heavy-Duty Applications

Elevate your 3D printing game with xCE White Resin, meticulously crafted for use with Nexa3D NXE series printers. This high-performance polymer redefines speed, strength, and versatility in the world of additive manufacturing.

Key Features:

1. Fastest Single-Cure Polymer: Experience the fastest single-cure polymer on the market, allowing you to produce heavy-duty parts and injection molding tools with unmatched efficiency.

2. Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Enjoy the perfect balance of lightweight construction and robust sturdiness, providing inherent functionality to withstand the most demanding loads, pressures, and temperatures.

3. High Flexural Strength: xCE White boasts remarkable flexural strength that rivals dual-cure cyanate ester resins, ensuring your printed parts can handle the toughest challenges.

4. Isotropic Properties: Its isotropic properties make it an ideal choice for automotive, electronics, and industrial components, offering consistency and stability in diverse environments.


  • Automotive Parts, Automation, Robotics Assemblies: Produce high-quality, functional components for automotive, automation, and robotics applications, where performance and durability are paramount.
  • Serial Production of Small Industrial Parts: Streamline your production processes with the rapid manufacturing capabilities of xCE White Resin, ideal for small industrial parts.
  • Fast Production of Functional Injection Molding Tools: Accelerate your tooling processes by using xCE White Resin for injection molding tools, achieving precision and reliability in record time.

xCE White Resin unlocks the potential for rapid prototyping and production of end-use plastic parts and injection molding tools, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance. Explore new possibilities across a range of industries and redefine what’s possible with 3D printing.