x45 Prototyping Resin for XiP – 1 Kg



x45 Prototyping Resin, available in a 1kg quantity, is a high-performance material that combines clarity with toughness, perfect for creating models and functional prototypes that demand exceptional strength and durability. Engineered for compatibility with the XiP 3D printer, this resin offers rapid 3D printing capabilities, with print speeds exceeding 15 cm/hr.

Key Features:

  • Remarkable Build Speed: In the “Draft” build mode, x45-Clear Resin enables remarkable build speed, allowing you to quickly produce high-quality models and prototypes.
  • High First-Time Build Success: Robust print styles ensure a high level of first-time build success, minimizing the need for reprints and saving time.
  • Outstanding Quality: x45 Resin delivers excellent out-of-printer properties, providing models and prototypes with exceptional clarity and quality.
  • Colour: Clear


  • Fast Turnaround Modeling and Prototyping: Speed up your modelling and prototyping projects with x45-Clear Resin’s rapid print speeds.
  • Models and Prototypes Requiring Optical Clarity: Ideal for projects where optical clarity is essential for design validation and testing.
  • Functional Prototypes Requiring Strength and Toughness: Develop functional prototypes that possess the strength and toughness needed for real-world applications.

Compatibility: x45 Resin 1kg is designed for seamless integration with the XiP 3D printer, ensuring top-tier performance and ease of use.

Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with x45-Clear Resin 1kg for XiP, a resin that combines clarity, toughness, and speed to deliver exceptional results for a wide variety of modelling and prototyping applications.