x45 Prototyping Resin for XiP – 1 Kg



x45 Prototyping Resin, available in a 1kg quantity, is a versatile and high-quality material designed for the XiP 3D printer, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of 3D printing applications. This resin offers the perfect balance of strength, clarity, and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Versatility: x45-Natural Resin is highly versatile and can be used for various 3D printing projects, from functional prototypes to intricate models.
  • Balanced Strength and Clarity: This resin strikes a perfect balance between strength and clarity, ensuring your 3D prints are both durable and visually appealing.
  • Optimized for XiP: Specifically designed for the XiP 3D printer, this resin ensures compatibility, ease of use, and top-tier performance.
  • Colour: Clear


  • Functional Prototyping: Create functional prototypes with the strength and clarity required for real-world testing and validation.
  • Detailed Models: Produce detailed models with precision and clarity for design, architectural, or educational purposes.

Compatibility: x45-Natural Resin 1kg is tailor-made for seamless integration with the XiP 3D printer, guaranteeing outstanding results and efficiency.

Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with x45-Natural Resin 1kg for XiP, a versatile resin that offers the perfect blend of strength and clarity for a wide variety of 3D printing applications.