xCE-Black Resin 5kg



xCE Hard Resin, available in a 5kg quantity, is a cutting-edge material designed for high stiffness and temperature applications, tailored for use with the XiP 3D printer. This resin boasts the aesthetic appeal of injection-moulded materials like nylons, polyesters, polyamides, and polyimides.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Black Color: xCE Resin offers a bold black colour, ensuring that your 3D prints have a sleek and professional appearance.
  • High-Stiffness Material: Engineered for high stiffness, this resin is ideal for applications demanding rigidity and structural integrity.
  • Temperature Resistance: With a high heat deflection temperature (HDT), xCE-Black Resin is suitable for applications that require resilience in elevated temperatures.
  • Outstanding Physical Properties: This resin exhibits impressive tensile modulus, ultimate tensile strength, and flexural properties, ensuring that your prints meet stringent standards.


  • High-Stiffness Parts: Ideal for producing components and parts where stiffness and precision are essential.
  • Temperature-Resistant Prototypes: Suitable for prototypes that need to withstand elevated temperatures with ease.

Transform your 3D printing projects with xCE Hard Resin, a high-performance material that combines the aesthetics of injection-moulded materials with the rigidity and temperature resistance required for a wide range of applications.