xESD Resin 1kg for XiP



xESD Resin, available in a convenient 1kg quantity, is a static-dissipative photopolymer resin designed for use with the XiP 3D printer. This black resin is characterized by its rigidity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) capabilities, making it ideal for a range of applications where static control is crucial.

Key Features:

  • Static-Dissipative Properties: xESD Resin ensures consistent static dissipative properties, making it suitable for applications in electronics manufacturing and other industries where ESD control is vital.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: This resin exhibits outstanding mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, modulus, and impact resistance, providing durability and reliability.
  • Carbon Nanotube Dispersion: A stable dispersion of discrete functionalized carbon nanotubes enhances the ESD capabilities without leaving carbon trails.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Perfect for creating parts and components in electronics manufacturing where static control is essential.
  • Industrial Prototyping: Ideal for industrial prototyping and testing where static-sensitive components are involved.
  • High-Performance Applications: Suitable for applications demanding both mechanical strength and ESD properties.

Properties xESD Resin:

  • Tensile Strength: 68 MPa
  • Tensile Modulus: 2.6 GPa
  • Flexural Strength: 97 MPa
  • Flexural Modulus: 1.8 GPa
  • Notched IZOD: 24 J/m
  • Shore Hardness (0s, 3s) D Scale: 87
  • HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) @1.8 MPa: 91.3°C
  • Water Absorption: 0.9%

xESD Resin 1kg for XiP empowers you with the capability to produce high-quality 3D prints with static-dissipative properties, excellent mechanical strength, and impact resistance. Ensure your projects meet the strict standards of ESD control with this reliable and versatile resin.