xFLEX402 Black for XiP – 1Kg



xFLEX402 Hard Resin is a cutting-edge, semi-firm, rubber-like elastomer designed to provide springiness, high rebound, excellent elongation, and durability to prototypes and production parts. This single-component elastomer does not require thermal post-processing, making it a versatile material for a range of applications.

Key Features:

  • Springiness and High Rebound: xFLEX402-Black offers spring-like properties with high rebound, ideal for applications where resilience and flexibility are essential.
  • No Thermal Post-Processing: This resin does not require thermal post-processing, streamlining your 3D printing workflow.
  • Diverse Applications: Suitable for a variety of applications, including outsoles for footwear, grips for tools and robotics, gaskets and shock absorbers, and sporting goods.

Usage Note:

  • Two Separate Bottles: Please note that this product ships with two separate bottles due to its viscosity. We recommend manually filling the Resin Vat with the wide-mouth container and inserting the empty cartridge into the XiP for resin recognition.

Properties xFLEX402 Hard Resin for XiP – 1Kg:

  • Tensile Modulus: 42 MPa (ASTM D638)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 5.5 MPa (ASTM D638)
  • Tensile Elongation at Break: 230% (ASTM D638)
  • Hardness (Shore D): 73 (ASTM D2240)
  • Tear Strength: 21 kN/m (ASTM D624)
  • Energy Return: 30-35% (Proprietary)
  • Water Absorption: 3.14% (ASTM D570)
  • Colour: Black

xFLEX402 Hard Resin for XiP is your solution for 3D printing parts that require a balance of flexibility, durability, and resilience. With no thermal post-processing required, this resin streamlines your production process and is suitable for a wide range of applications.