xMODEL15-Black Resin 1.5kg for XiP and XiPPro



Black, Grey, White


The xMODEL15 Plant Based Resin is a standout in the world of 3D printing, setting itself apart not only in the manufacturer’s portfolio but also from other modelling resins available on the market. xMODEL15 is a high-quality, yet cost-effective prototyping and modelling material that consistently produces parts with exceptional feature resolution, precise accuracy, and an impeccable surface finish.

Unique Features:

  • Low Odor and Eco-Friendly: What makes xMODEL15 truly remarkable is its low odour, derived from plant-based materials. Notably, it can be cleaned with simple water and gentle brushing, eliminating the need for IPA (isopropyl alcohol). This not only makes xMODEL15 an affordable and user-friendly material but also a sustainable and environmentally friendly 3D printing solution.


xMODEL15-Black Resin is ideal for creating models and prototypes with outstanding quality and detail. The resin is compatible with many Nexa3D printers, including the ultrafast 4K XiP desktop 3D printer, ensuring rapid prototyping and modelling.

Available in Multiple Colors:

xMODEL15-Black is part of a range that includes three colours: white, grey, and black, allowing you to choose the best fit for your projects.

Post-Processing for Optimal Properties:

Parts 3D printed with xMODEL15-Black Resin achieve their specific properties after undergoing post-processing, including washing and curing. Support structures, if used, must be removed from the part before curing. Washing is made simple, thanks to the plant-based material, which allows for water-based cleaning combined with soft brushing. No IPA alcohol or other substances are needed. The Nexa3D xClean can be used for this purpose.

Proper Curing Process:

Once washed, the parts should be dried and then cured either with the help of an LED or wide-spectrum lamp or in the Nexa3D Wash+Cure station, designed especially for parts 3D printed on the XiP 3D printer. For recommended washing, drying, and curing times, consult the manufacturer’s website for each Nexa3D resin.

Safety Precautions:

Working with 3D printing resins requires certain precautions. Ensure that your working space is well-ventilated, and wear protective goggles, gloves, and garments at all times. Store the xMODEL15-Black resin in a tightly closed container or resin vat to prevent resin deterioration due to UV exposure. Keep the container or vat in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from heat, sparks, and open flame.

xMODEL15-Black 1kg Resin provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and user-friendly solution for high-quality 3D printing, making it an excellent choice for prototyping and modelling projects. Its low odour, sustainability, and ease of use set it apart in the world of 3D printing materials.