xPEEK147 SLA Resin – 5kg


Nexa3D xPEEK147 SLA Resin is a cutting-edge material meticulously engineered for the Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer. This resin offers exceptional stiffness and outstanding heat resistance, making it an ideal choice for high-performance applications.

Key Features:

  • High Heat Deflection Temperature: With an impressive HDT of 238°C, Nexa3D xPEEK147 stands strong under elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.
  • Exceptional Stiffness: Exhibiting stiffness akin to renowned PAEK thermoplastics like PEEK, this resin provides robust structural support for various applications.
  • Tough and Dimensionally Stable: Designed for toughness and dimensional stability, xPEEK147 delivers reliable, long-term performance even under challenging conditions.
  • Superior Surface Finish: The resin guarantees a smooth surface finish, essential for precise and polished end products.


  • Production Parts: Create durable and high-quality production components ready for immediate use.
  • Fast Tooling: Speed up the tooling process with rapid prototyping and manufacturing of moulds and tooling equipment.
  • Injection Moulding: Produce moulds suitable for injection moulding processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • High Temperature Applications: Suitable for applications requiring resilience under extreme heat conditions.
  • End-Use Parts: Craft end-use parts with confidence, knowing they can withstand rigorous usage.

Colour: Black

Compatibility: Compatible with Nexa3D NXE400 Industrial SLA 3D printer, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.