XiP 3D Printer Build Plate


Description: Enhance your XiP 3D printing experience with the precision-engineered XiP Build Plate, expertly crafted from machined aluminium. (Please note that a build plate is included with each XiP purchase.) This build plate is designed to seamlessly integrate with the XiP printer, ensuring superior printing results and longevity.

Extra Information:

  • Brand: Nexa3D
  • 3D Printer Compatibility: Nexa3D: XiP

Usage and Maintenance Tips: Before utilizing the XiP Build Plate, it is crucial to follow Nexa 3D’s levelling guide to ensure proper alignment. Maintaining the build plate’s condition is essential for the quality of your prints and the overall well-being of your XiP 3D printer.

  • Regularly inspect the build plate’s surface for any damage or resin residue.
  • Clean the build plate with 90% (or lower) IPA alcohol and a paper towel to ensure it’s free from contaminants.
  • Handle the build plate with care to prevent scratches or gouges that can damage the Everlast 2 Membrane.
  • If a leakage is detected on the LCD, it may indicate a punctured membrane. Before replacing the membrane, thoroughly inspect the build plate for sharp ridges (while wearing gloves). If any are found, you can sand the build plate using 220-grit sandpaper.
  • Some resins, like the KeyModel Ultra resin (due to the mould release agent it contains), may necessitate sanding. Sand the build plate directionally up and down and side to side, then rinse and wipe it down to remove any residual metal dust.
  • For more maintenance guidance, refer to the Nexa 3D support page.

Product Information: The XiP Build Plate is machined from high-quality aluminium, serving as a genuine Nexa 3D replacement for the XiP 3D printer’s build plate. This build plate is consumable and may exhibit wear over time. Proper maintenance is vital to ensure the quality of your printed parts and the integrity of your 3D printer’s components, particularly the Everlast 2 Membrane, which may be punctured if the build plate is not cared for appropriately.

Achieve optimal 3D printing performance and longevity with the XiP Build Plate, your trusted partner in creating high-quality 3D prints.