9.3″ 4K Monochrome LCD for XiP



The 9.3″ 4K Monochrome LCD is a vital consumable component in any LCD resin printer, and it plays a central role in the 3D printing process. This modular LCD is designed as a high-quality replacement part for the XiP printer by Nexa 3D, ensuring the continued functionality and performance of your printer.

Key Features:

  • Pixel Pitch: The LCD features a 52-micron pixel pitch, which is essential for delivering fine and precise 3D prints.
  • Plug-and-Play: This LCD module is a direct replacement for the XiP printer, eliminating the need for manual attachment of bus wires or screen seating, ensuring a hassle-free replacement process.
  • Durability: Each XiP LCD screen is engineered to serve for over 3000 hours of printing, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Replacement Frequency: Typically, 1-2 replacements per year are recommended based on the printer’s usage, ensuring consistent print quality.
  • Protection: The LCD screen is protected by a glass cover, which should be replaced if it becomes cracked or scratched to prevent any risk of damage to the Everlast 2 Membrane.

Detailed Replacement Guide: A comprehensive guide on how to replace the XiP LCD screen can be found in the Usage Tips section, ensuring that you have all the necessary instructions to perform the replacement with confidence.

Ensure the continued excellence of your 3D printing projects with the 9.3″ 4K Monochrome LCD for XiP, a reliable and high-quality replacement part.