Everlast Membrane For XiP – 2 Units



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Description, Everlast Membrane for XiP:

The Everlast Membrane for XiP is an integral spare part specially designed by Nexa 3D for their ultrafast 4K XiP resin 3D printer. This durable and innovative membrane is essential for maintaining the printer’s performance and achieving outstanding 3D prints.

Key Features:

  • Extended Printing Life: The Everlast-2 membrane boasts exceptional durability and resilience, providing a printing life extension of over 25 times compared to other membrane films on the market.
  • High Layer Count: With proper care, these membranes are rated for up to 50,000 layers, ensuring long-lasting usage and efficiency.
  • Included with Resin Vat: One Everlast-2 membrane is included with each purchase of a Resin Vat, ensuring you have a spare on hand.
  • Consumable Replacement: As a consumable component, the Everlast-2 membrane should be replaced when its lifecycle has reached its end to maintain successful 3D prints.
  • Minimized Downtime: The membrane’s durability reduces downtime due to membrane changes, enabling continuous and reliable printing for long projects or series production.

Installation Instructions: Detailed instructions on how to change the Everlast-2 Membrane can be found in the Usage Tips section, ensuring that you have the necessary guidance to perform the replacement accurately.

LSPc Technology: The Everlast-2 Membrane is an integral part of Nexa 3D’s proprietary LSPc technology (lubricant sublayer photo-curing), based on the masked stereolithography (mSLA) principle. This technology, known for its consistent optical transmittance, provides even resin replenishment and promotes consistent part properties across batches. The membrane creates a non-stick zone between the vat and the 3D printed part, contributing to the XiP printer’s unprecedented printing speeds, isotropic part properties, and astonishing detail.

Ensure your 3D printing projects continue to excel with the Everlast Membrane for XiP, a testament to durability, efficiency, and print quality.

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