XiP AiR – 3D Printing Air Purifier



Description: The XiP AiR by Nexa 3D is a compact desktop-sized Bluetooth-enabled device designed to serve as an air filter and air purifier. This innovative device is purpose-built to complement Nexa 3D printers and features a HEPA filter with five times the activated carbon content compared to similar devices available in the market.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Filtration: The XiP AiR is equipped with a high-efficiency HEPA filter containing five times the typical amount of activated carbon, ensuring superior air purification.
  • Smell and VOC Removal: 3D printing with certain materials can generate odors and hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The XiP AiR purifier is designed to effectively remove these from the printing environment.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: With built-in Bluetooth functionality, you can conveniently control and monitor the XiP AiR from your connected devices.
  • Filter Replacement: To maintain optimal air purification, the XiP AiR filter should be replaced every three months, ensuring consistent performance.

The XiP AiR by Nexa 3D is a valuable addition to your 3D printing setup, helping to create a cleaner and more pleasant working environment by effectively removing odors and harmful VOCs.