XIP Wash+Cure


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Description: The Wash+Cure is a highly specialized and versatile post-processing system tailored for washing and post-curing the parts printed on the XiP desktop 3D printer. This all-in-one automated post-processing system is designed to streamline and enhance the finalization of your 3D-printed creations.

Key Features:


  • Wash Bucket: The system includes a Wash Bucket with a sealed lid, complete with a basket designed to accommodate the XiP build plate or loose parts.
  • Magnetic Stirrers: Magnetic stirrers ensure consistent and thorough cleaning using either xCLEAN or Isopropanol, promoting the removal of excess resin.
  • Large Capacity: With a 5.5-litre capacity, the Wash Bucket can handle multiple parts or the entire build plate in a single washing cycle.


  • Powerful LED Tower: The system features a powerful 405 nm LED tower with a rotating base, ensuring efficient and uniform curing.
  • Hood with Reflectors: The hood is equipped with internal reflectors that enhance curing power, optimizing the post-curing process.
  • Validated Performance: The Wash+Cure station has validated curing performance from material partners such as Henkel, BASF, and KeyPrint, guaranteeing optimal results.

Two-Stage Washing:

  • The bucket included in the Toolkit is the same as the Wash+Cure bucket. When purchasing the Wash+Cure, you’ll have two buckets, enabling a two-stage washing process as recommended by Nexa 3D.

Ease of Use:

  • The Nexa 3D Wash+Cure station is easy to install and operate, seamlessly transitioning from a washing station to a curing station in just a few minutes.

The Nexa 3D Wash+Cure station is a compact and efficient 2-in-1 post-processing solution specifically designed for the XiP desktop 3D printer, providing the convenience and performance needed for successful 3D printing projects.