xMODEL2505 Dental Resin – 5kg



Nexa3D xMODEL2505 Dental Resin is an exceptional high-resolution dental model material designed for precision modelling and thermoforming applications. This resin is specifically formulated for use with Nexa3D printers, including the NXE400. Offering impressive results with both 100µm and 50µm layer heights.

Physical and Mechanical Properties:

  • Young’s Modulus: 2500 MPa (ASTM D638)
  • Elongation at Failure: 4% (ASTM D638)
  • Flexural Strength: 83 MPa (ASTM D790)
  • Flexural Modulus: 2150 MPa (ASTM D790)
  • Tensile Stress at Break: 54 MPa (ASTM D638)


xMODEL2505 is an ideal choice for a wide range of dental and orthodontic modelling applications, including but not limited to:

  • Dental Models: Create highly detailed dental models with exceptional precision.
  • Thermoforming: Achieve precise and reliable results when thermoforming dental appliances.

With its impressive mechanical properties and high-resolution capabilities, xMODEL2505 is a material that dental professionals and modellers can rely on for the most demanding projects.


For the best results and safety, please follow the recommended procedures for handling, cleaning, and curing 3D printing resins. Ensure proper ventilation and use appropriate protective equipment in your workspace.

Elevate your dental modelling and thermoforming game with xMODEL2505 Resin 5kg, a trusted choice for those who demand precision and quality in their work.