XiP Toolkit


Description The Nexa3D XiP Toolkit:

Essential tools, designed to enhance your 3D printing experience with the XiP printer. Each XiP printer is equipped with this amazing toolkit, ensuring you have all the necessary tools for 3D printing success. However, if you ever require an extra set of tools, the toolkit is available for purchase separately.

Toolkit Components:

  • Wash Bucket with Basket: Ideal for manual washing of 3D-printed parts. Compatible with the Wash+Cure for a two-stage cleaning process.
  • Rolled Mat: Provides a portable work surface, allowing you to set up your 3D printing workstation anywhere.
  • Snips: Precision snips for effortless removal of supports from your printed objects.
  • Scraper: A handy tool for cleaning the membrane of your 3D printer, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Spatula: Designed for easily removing 3D-printed parts from the build plate.
  • Metal File, Flat: Use this flat metal file to smooth and refine surfaces, particularly for removing support nubs.
  • Metal File, Half-round: Another metal file for precise finishing work, especially when dealing with support nubs.
  • Cleaning Tool: Essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your 3D printer’s membrane, particularly during auto-cleaning processes.
  • Funnel: Conveniently transfer resin back into the cartridge, minimizing waste.
  • Filter: Effectively remove partially cured resin from the vat, ensuring a clean and efficient printing process.
  • Gloves: Keep yourself safe and your hands clean while handling 3D printing materials.
  • Tray: Use the tray to organize and contain your work while you move around your workspace or office.

The Nexa3D XiP Toolkit is your comprehensive solution for an optimal 3D printing setup, offering convenience, safety, and efficiency.

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