Resin Vat for XiP


Description The Resin Vat for XiP:

Designed by Nexa 3D, is an innovative two-piece assembly that enhances the functionality of the XiP printer. This assembly comprises a rigid aluminium frame and a replaceable Everlast membrane. When combined, these two elements lock together using a clamping mechanism and seamlessly connect to the XiP printer through an electromagnetic alignment system.

Key Features:

  • Quick Material Change: The Resin Vat’s design allows for swift material change, improving the efficiency and flexibility of your printing process.
  • Membrane Replacement: The Everlast 2 membrane can be easily replaced, contributing to a smoother workflow and productivity gains. It eliminates the need for an entire vat replacement in case of membrane damage.
  • Lower Operating Costs: The separation of the vat and the membrane significantly reduces operating costs and minimizes waste, making 3D printing more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Membrane Inclusion: Each resin vat includes one Everlast 2 membrane, ensuring that you have a spare membrane on hand for future replacements.

The Resin Vat for XiP by Nexa 3D is a revolutionary solution that not only simplifies 3D printing but also helps you save time and resources while maintaining high-quality output.

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