Case Studies

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JawsTec Case Study

JawsTec chose QLS SLS 3D Printers by Nexa3D to eliminate powder waste while dramatically increasing machine throughput and uptime.

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MTB3D Case Study

New solutions like XiP allow MTB3D to produce pristine parts with unmatched throughput opening the door to new customer industries and applications.

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R3D Case Study

In one year, R3D used their single NXE 400 3D printer to manufacture 18,000 parts for 1,000 police cars. They used over 330 liters of resin during the process, but only two Everlast 2 Membranes (the main wear consumable of the NXE 400).

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PepsiCo Case Study

PepsiCo’s patented hybrid-made molds made on NXE 400 industrial 3D printer can be successfully used for more than 10,000 bottles before failure at up to a 96% reduction of cost compared to traditional metal tooling.

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Liquid Sound Tech Case Study

How a music products startup reduced manufacturing lead time from 9 months to 1 day and shaved 90% of cost by shifting from an overseas vendor to the XiP desktop 3D printer.

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Key Dental Case Study

Key Dental Technologies is able to maximize its output with the NXD 200 dental 3D printer, delivering more than 2,100 orthodontic models each month from one printer.

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