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Dario Dill, Operations & Digitalization, Co-Founder of MaxResolution

“In running series production with Nexa3D technology and the right adjustments, we raised our reliability to more than 97% on 7000 parts.”

Michael Wagner, Owner and CEO of FormFoundation

“Innovative technology can help you face a problem that standard parts can’t. When you’re faced with a problem, think out of the box. 3D printing is possible for series production…”

Jeremy Smith, Alpine Advanced Materials

“Our customers are using the FIM process to de-risk the path to new thermoplastic materials. Rapidly molded prototypes are being used for validation testing, product demonstration and even low-rate initial production.”

Thomas Nield, Engineering Lead at Yawman Flight

“The XiP allowed us to create a final product that exhibits injection molded like qualities in terms of surface finish and performance, but without the costs and long lead times. We would’ve been delayed by as much as a year had we used another manufacturing method during the prototyping phase.”

Jason Lopes, Dir. of Additive Manufacturing at Gentle Giant Studios

“With the extremely tight deadline and challenging manufacturing process we could not have met our manufacturing dates with any other process as the iterations involved very challenging painting/lighting effects. The XiP enabled us to move revisions into physical form faster than printing in other slower technologies.”

Jesper Anderson, CEO at earfab®

“XiP’s open material platform enabled us to explore diverse materials before choosing a biocompatible resin that is used for printing our custom tooling.”

Oscar Klassen, Co-Founder & CEO, JawsTec

“The QLS 230 printers give us the ability to use end-of-life powder from other SLS and MJF machines to produce high-quality parts while eliminating powder waste. On top of the operational sustainability, the smaller build volume of the QLS 230 allows for a much shorter build cycle and cooling cycle with zero negative effect on part accuracy or surface quality.”

Arturo Gala Sagrera, 3D Print Specialist, MTB3D

“It feels like cheating, it’s that much faster than the Form 2,”

Patrick Gaspard, Founder, R3D

“We only had a single NXE 400, but we were able to achieve the initial run of 7200 components well within the 3 month timeline. That’s a feat that would not be possible with any other 3D printer that I’ve used.”

Lorenzo Gasparoni, 3D printing and 3D scanning product leader at Alstom

“The minimum order quantity for injection molding is over 500 parts, and at that volume the cost is about €200 per part. With the NXE 400Pro there is no minimum, and the cost is €50 per part so it’s much more affordable.”

Max Rodriguez Senior Manager of Global Packaging R&D, Advanced Engineering and Design, PepsiCo

“Time and cost are obviously important, but more important is to have the ability to have the flexibility to run through a number of different design iterations at a record pace so that we can evaluate performance in all of the downstream activities. That really is what helps us accelerate packaging design and development.”

Vladimir Gutsman, Founder of Liquid Sound Technologies

“The biggest benefits of XiP compared to other 3D printers we’ve used are (1) the speed is unmatched, and (2) the variety of materials, from low cost modeling to serious production materials like xPRO and xCE that are literally replacing metal parts for us.”

Cristina Montiel, Laboratory Technician at Key Dental

“I will always choose the NXD 200 because of the high definition, plus it’s faster, has a greater capacity, and it’s cost effective.”

Paul Cilino, Mechanical Engineer and Owner

“With XiP’s large build volume, fast print speed, and easier post processing due to less supports, I’m able to iterate faster and validate new designs in hours versus days.”

Johannes Matheis, CEO of Murtfeldt AM

“After doing the validation together with our partner ProductionToGo,” Matheis said, “we chose the Nexa3D machine for the connector project because of its superior throughput speed, high resolution and amazing consistency. Our customer is delighted with the end result.”

Tyler Dowdle, Excel Orthodontics

“With one NXD 200Pro, we’re replacing two Carbon 3D printers, and in my mind we could probably even replace the third one once we optimize our process – we’re still just getting started.”